Guest speaker at the exhibition Plásmata II: Ioannina | The new Ioannina, Stegi Onassis Foundation

Plásmata II: Ioannina | The new Ioannina

Discussions on Art, Innovation, and Knowledge

Friday 7 July 2023 “Dimitris Hatzis” Cultural Centre (Old Slaughterhouse), Ioannina

Artificial Intelligence – Entrepreneurship – Art

As Artificial Intelligence becomes increasingly apparent in more facets of our lives, the way we utilize it both in entrepreneurship and ultimately art becomes a central issue in relation to the future of our society.

In the first panel, we examine the use of Artificial Intelligence within the business world, especially in these cases that apply to university spin-offs. The question of how research on the use of AI is combined with service provision is examined both from the point of view of spin-offs as well as innovation hubs, while at the same time, we tackle the issue of the limits of their use in the framework of the rules derived from AI ethics.

In the second panel, we return to the case of art and how it employs immersive technologies and Artificial Intelligence. We discuss how these two technologies were implemented in the works of the “Plásmata II” exhibition and at the same time how can digital art as a whole become a part of the dialogue around public space. In addition, we contemplate what the distribution and disposal of the artwork mean for a digital artist today. Have these technologies finally brought the artist closer to their audience or contributed to their distancing from it?

The third panel surveys what the “Plásmata” exhibition leaves behind as a legacy and how can the processes, issues, and perspectives engaged during the exhibition can take us to the next stage. Bringing together speakers from the three previous days and posing anew the issue of what the continuum of nature, technology, and culture amounts to, the “Plásmata” exhibition repositions itself within the public place and time. Whether discussing startups and digital nomads, or the commons, art and the digital, we commit ourselves to seeking how the potential for something better can become a possibility and finally a reality.

Keynote | 17:30-17:50

– Dimitris Kalavros, Co-Founder & Partner, Foundation & Velocity Partners VC

First panel | Artificial Intelligence, University, and Entrepreneurship
17:50 – 18:35


– Dora Kotsaka, Researcher
– Dora Vougiouka, Head of Networking and Strategic Partnerships, Onassis Stegi
– Isidoros Sideridis, CEO, PobucaModerator: Yorgos Goletsis, Associate Professor, Scientific Officer at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit, Employment & Career Centre (DASTA), University of Ioannina

Moderator: Yorgos Goletsis, Associate Professor, Scientific Officer at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit, Employment & Career Centre (DASTA), University of Ioannina

Second panel | Public Space, Art, and Technology

– Medea Electronique, Artist Group
– Daphne Dragona, Curator
– Varvara Angeli, Journalist
– Polyxeni Mantzou, Professor, Department of Architectural Engineering, University of Ioannina

Moderator: Prodromos Tsiavos, Head of Digital Development and Innovation, Onassis Foundation

Third panel | Ioannina after Plásmata
19:30 – 20:00

– Theodoros Karounos, Researcher at NTUA – Member of the Board of Directors of Open Technologies Alliance GFOSS
– Dimitris Kitsikopoulos, Electra Energy Cooperative – member of the energy community “Commonen”
– Tassos Koutlas, Deputy Director of Digital Solutions Europe FFW & Co-Founder of C.Ioannina
– Christina Panagiotakou, Head of Educational Programs, Onassis Foundation

Moderator: Georgia Chalatsi, Journalist

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