Policy Paper “Knowledge commons, open access and social innovation”

Th. Kotsaka (2021), ‘Governing Knowledge Commons into the framework of 4th Industrial Revolution’, FORCE Project: 4rth Industrial Revolution Challenges and Opportunities for Europe, Jean Monnet Project (Erasmus+),

In this paper, Dr. Kotsaka attempts to highlight the role of commons within the scope of the 4IR and the ensuing changes in the production model. As the technological transition of the 4IR offers the opportunity for the expansion of commons processes to a wider sector of the economy, Dr. Kotsaka explores the potential impact of commons, digital and knowledge commons and P2P networks, on social environmental and economic issues especially in light of crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic Moreover the present papers aims to place emphasis on the significance of institutional and regulatory frameworks, developed for the support of a respective transition to a collaborative economy within the EU.


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