Seminars ‘Defeat the TTIP’ & ‘Commons, autogestion, pathways toward the alternative’

European Forum for Alternatives, Paris France.

Party of the European Left and transform!
transform! will participate in the two-day event with contributions on issues as diverse as productive transformation and European industrial policy, ecological transition (in view of the UN International Conference on Climate Change, December 2015 in Paris), the challenges of labour, social economy and commons, the European struggle against austerity and with the Greeks, the contributions of universities for another Europe, the struggle for a democratic Europe, the evolution of the actors for the alternative in Europe. The Forum, which will be an initiative of an unprecedented scale, is open from conception to implementation to all forces and interested citizens. Our goal is to organize a major political and popular event with the participation of at least 2,000 people, part European, high-level guests (European dimension of personalities including ministers of the new Greek government), political activists, unions, and social movements. Saturday, May 30 in the evening, we will organize a big concert at Republic Square in Paris named “Peoples, rise up”.
Saturday, 30 May 2015

9:00-11:30 / Defeat the TTIP

PCF Headquarters (Dome), 2 Place du Colonel Fabien, Paris 19th

Patrick Le Hyaric (MEP, Director of l’Humanité), Eleonora Forenza (MEP Rifondazione comunista, Italy), Collectif Stop Tafta (France), Representative of the European Citizens’ Initiative “Stop TTIP”, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Theodora Kotsaka (Nikos Poulantzas Institute, Greece), Kenneth Haar (Corporate Europe Observatory, Denmark)

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Sunday, 31 May 2015

9:00-11:30 / Commons, autogestion, pathways toward the alternative

Ecole des métiers de l’information, 7 rue des Petites Ecuries, Paris 10th

Chantal Delmas (transform! europe), Francine Mestrum (Global Social Justice), Marlis Gensler (Rosa Luxembourg Foundation), Marie Christine Vergiat (MEP, Intergroup EHS, Left front), Roberto Musacchio (transform! italia), Theodora Kotsaka (Nicos Poulantzas Institute, Greece)

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